About Us

Protape-ShopProtape have been supplying the UK recording, broadcast and film-making industries with quality blank recording media for over 25 years. During that time, media has changed beyond recognition, from analogue to digital and from tape to hard disk, but Protape have stayed ahead of the game, continually updating their range of products and providing a delivery service you can rely on at all times. Our aim is to remain experts in the constantly changing world of media formats, supply and delivery.

Expert advice:

Buying reliable, quality media is not just a case of making an order and waiting for it to arrive – in a complex world of bewildering, often mutually exclusive formats, you have to know what media you need, and whether it’s compatible with the hardware you intend to use. We don’t just sell and deliver media, we can advise you on what best suits your needs, from digital tape to robust, reliable hard disk data storage for the audio, video or broadcast professional.

The benefits of buying from Protape:

Buying media is easy, especially these days when you can order it with a few clicks of a mouse from any number of on-line retailers. But buying quality media over the Internet remains a challenge, even if you’re buying media with one of the major manufacturers’ names on it. How can you guarantee that the order you place on-line won’t be fulfilled using cheap, sub-standard ‘grey’ stock that’s past its best, or which has been improperly stored in less than optimum conditions?

In contrast, when you buy from Protape, you know that you’re getting reliable media. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of the tapes and drives we supply; our regular customers, the majority of whom are professionals in the video, recording or broadcast business, simply wouldn’t accept anything less. We’ve dealt with all the major manufacturers for many years, and all of our media comes directly from the UK branches of those companies. What’s more, the products we sell are shipped to us and stored in our warehouse in the optimum conditions for storage, as laid down by those manufacturers.

Finally, our customers recommend us because we take care of them after the sale as well as before it. It’s a sad but inescapable truth that if you work in the creative video or audio industries, recording media is bound to fail on you one day. When that day finally comes, you’ll be glad you bought from Protape. If defects are ever found in the media we supply (a very rare occurrence), we give all of our customers proper technical support and use our established contacts at the manufacturers to find a solution, our staff are in contact with all of the media manufacturers’ UK offices on a daily basis. Try getting that level of service from an anonymous on-line retailer!