Memory Cards

SanDiskSolid state “flash” memory is compact, light, contains no moving parts and provides safe and reliable storage for virtually any application, from amateur photography to professional HD filming.

SanDisk Flash Memory

When on a shoot it’s important to be able to trust the integrity of the media you are using. Protape are affiliated with Sandisk so you can rest assured we only supply official UK Sandisk products which come with a lifetime warranty.

Sandisk Micro SDMemory Card Formats

  • Compact Flash
  • SDHC
  • Micro SD
  • USB “stick”
  • Personalised USB “Stick”
  • SanDisk Extreme SDHC 32GBEncrypted USB
  • SxS Card
  • P2 Card

As well as SanDisk we also supply other premium memory brands including:

  • Transcend
  • Integral
  • iStorageSandisk 32GB CF extreme

We are able to provide discounted pricing on bulk orders.

Personalised USB Sticks

We can supply personalised USB memory sticks. You provide a graphic file of your company logo and choose which style of USB “key” you would like from our extensive catalogue. Tell us which capacity (4GB-32GB) and quantity you require and we will have them custom made.

Please call 0207 291 0890 or contact us for a tailored quote or you can visit Datastores to order Flash memory online.