G-Technology Evolution Series

G-Technology_EvolutionPlease head over to our DataStores blog for an overview of the new G-Technology ‘ev Series’ products.


The ‘ev’ products provide an ideal workflow solution for using your audio, video and photos captured on location – in the studio without having to transfer footage over to another drive (saving time and money!). Start editing straight away.

Simply slot your 7200rpm mobile ‘ev’ drive into a ‘G-Dock solo’, ‘G-Dock RAID’ or ‘G-Speed Studio XL ev’ and start working straight away via Thunderbolt (G-Dock RAID), USB3.0 (G-Dock solo) or Thunderbolt 2 (G-Speed Studio XL ev).

ATC Case

‘ATC’ stands for All Terrain Case. G-Tech’s protective case for their mobile ‘ev’ drives available with USB3.0 or Thunderbolt. They are pressure resistant, float in water, shock resistant and dust resistant!

RED Mini-Mag Card Reader

Another time saving product is the RED Min-Mag card reader which allows you to transfer your RED footage quickly on to an HDD via Thunderbolt by slotting it into a G-Dock chassis.

SATA to Firewire Adaptor

The SATA to Firewire adapter converts any ‘ev’ Mobile USB drive into a Firewire drive. Essential if you need to connect to an older MAC via the faster FW800 connection instead of USB 2.0.

G-Tech ev series

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