G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW and ev ATC Rugged Mobile

G-Technology release a ‘rugged’ range of portable hard drives.

G-Drive ev RaW

G_Drive_evRaW_WbumperThe G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW is a stylish, light weight, portable hard drive with high speed USB 3.0 interface and a spin speed of 7200rpm. Ideal for audio or video editors on the move. Available in 500GB or 1TB capacity.

The RaW acts as a standalone device but can also be inserted in to the G-Dock which is a 2-bay Thunderbolt RAID system. The
rugged bumper has to be removed to insert in to the G-Dock.

When in the G-Dock you can access your data via the Thunderbolt connection on the G-Dock chassis. The RAID can be configured as:

  • G-Technology g-dockJBOD – both drives act independently.
  • RAID 0 – striped for high speed video editing.
  • RAID 1 – the drives are mirrored for security.

As a portable drive the G-Drive ev RaW is best used with the ‘rugged’ bumper on which provides shock protection if dropped up to 1.5m.

(1.5m drop on a carpeted concrete floor with rugged bumper; 1.2m without the bumper!)
This model is 35% lighter than the standard G-Drive ev.

G-Technology RaWG_Drive_evRaW_W


G-Drive ev ATC

The G-Drive av ATC (All Terrain Case) is a G-Drive ev RAW housed in an all-terrain case.

Interface Options

With the case on, the G-Drive ev ATC is available with USB 3.0 or a Thunderbolt interface. With the all-terrain case off it has USB 3.0 and it can also be inserted into the G-Dock in the same way as the G-Drive ev RaW.

G-Drive_ev_ATCShock Resistance

The ATC is shock resistant up to 2 metres, dust resistant and according to the spec’ sheet it floats in water! No we haven’t tested this!

(Floats in water and should it be dropped into a pool of water up to 1ft for 30 secs, your drive is protected)

Additional Info’

These products come with a 3 year warranty and are pre-formatted for MAC. They can easily be reformatted for PC.


G-Drive ev ATCThese drives are aimed at creative professionals working on location or travelling. The ATC in particular is designed for working in harsh environments with it’s dust, water, shock resistant case.

They are stylish, lightweight and if running on USB3.0 or Thunderbolt will provide fast transfer rates. With the added functionality of being able to be inserted in to the G-Dock – this gives an edge over other portable drives in the market. The ATC case can house other G-Technology ev drives including the ev SSD (Solid State Drive).

If you wish to purchase one of these drives please visit our central London store or you can order online for next day delivery.

G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW 500GB USB 3.0

G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW 1TB USB 3.0

G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC 1TB with Thunderbolt


G-Drive ATC

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