LTO & Data Media

Everyone uses data recording media in some form whether it be as a backup or as a means of transferring data from one place to another. At Protape we carry a huge range of formats to ensure that we have what you need.

LTO – Linear Tape Open

Fuji LTO6LTO is a magnetic tape data storage technology developed as an alternative to Digital Linear Tape (DLT). Protape stock various brands including Sony, Fuji, Maxell and Hewlett Packard (HP).

  • LTO1 (100GB/200GB)
  • LTO2 (200GB/400GB)
  • LTO3 (400GB/800GB)
  • LTO4 (800GB/1.6TB)Sony LTO5
  • LTO5 (1.5TB/3TB)
  • LTO6 (2.5TB/6.25TB)

LTO Labels

TriOptic Label

We provide in-house LTO bar code labeling (Tri-Optic) to catalogue your LTO tape library.




LTO DrivesmLogic mTape

We supply the mLogic mTape LTO Thunderbolt backup drive along with the recommended Yoyotta backup software.

Old Formats

data_mediaWe also have stocks of older tape formats including:

  • 4mm Data DAT
  • 8mm Exabyte
  • AIT
  • DLT
  • DTF
  • Optical Disk