Pro Audio

Pro Audio is where Protape started life and as such, we have a huge knowledge base to draw from. As the industry has changed, so have we and although most audio and music is recorded on to hard disk drives we still cater for analogue studios by supplying a range of open reel tape and master vinyl lacquers.

ATR-OpenReelOpen Reel Analogue Tape

ATR Magnetics

We supply¬†ATR Magnetics Master Tape in 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ on a 10.5″ metal NAB spool.

ATR Magnetics master tape uses a new formulation providing ultra-low noise, high output, high resolution performance. Due to a new and innovative manufacturing process ATR Master Tape works well with all tape recorders and is the ideal tape for mastering your album on to.

ATR manufacturers page for tape specs.

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RMG International

rmg logoWe also stock RMG SM 911 and RMG SM 900. If you require open reel on a 7″ spool you would need to opt for the RMG 911 7″ x 0.25″ as ATR do not currently provide a 7″ version.

RMG Homepage.


RMG 7"RMG-Family

Vinyl Mastering

MDC Lacquers

cutting_houseProtape are the only official UK distributor of MDC cutting lacquers, the only Japanese made lacquer. MDC lacquers are the cutting engineers choice – available in 14″ and 12″ (minimum box qty 25).

We also stock vinyl mastering peripherals including:

  • 14″ lacquer boxes (for shipping)
  • lacquer washers





gold-diskAudio Formats Protape Supply

  • Open Reel – ATR and RMG
  • Master Laquers (official UK distributor for MDC)
  • Dub Plates
  • DTRS (Hi8)
  • Mini-Disc (MD80)
  • Cassette
  • CD-R Digital Audio (For domestic CD-R recorders)
  • HHB CDR74 Gold for Mastering