XDCAM Professional Disk

The Sony XDCAM Professional Disc is a non-linear video aquisition medium using either a single, dual or quad layer optical disc similar to a BluRay disc. XDCAM Professional Discs are reliable and robust and are suitable for field work (something which has previously been a problem with disc-based systems). The single layer XDCAM Disc has a capacity of 23GB which rises to 50GB on the XDCAM Dual layer disc. The Quad layer XDCAM Disc offers 128GB of write-once storage.

xd-camAs the XDCAM Professional Disc is a file based storage system, rushes can be watched instantly and the HD images deliver fantastic quality.

Protape is an official distributor for all Sony professional recording media so you are guaranteed grade A, official UK stock which is backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

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